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Custom Molded Orthotics

Custom Accommodative Style Orthotics

These devices are taken with a digital 3D image of the patient's foot structures which allows me to construct a device that matches the contours of the patient's exact foot. 

Diabetic Shoes and Insoles

Being a diabetic has it's challenges. Proper shoes and insoles can provide support for problem areas. 

Foot and Ankle Bracing

Depending on whether the patient suffers from ankle instability or a misaligned gait, sometimes the answer is a custom brace that provides stability and comfort.

Partial Foot Orthotics

In the event that the patient is missing part of the foot, I can construct partial foot orthotics as well as custom shoes.

Custom Shoe Modifications

Many patients are in need of a more customized shoe that is not offered in retail. I can provide shoe lifts, rocker soles, flares, wedges and metatarsal bars.